Location and Hours

4 E's Trees is open through the holiday season, and the rest of the year by appointment.

2019 Hours of Operation

Choose and Cut Fields close at 4 pm daily!

Choose and Cut will begin on November 23rd

Saturday, November 23rd                         9am - 4:30pm

Sunday, November 24th                         Noon - 4:30pm

November 25th - 27th                             Noon - 4:30pm

Holiday hours begins Friday, November 29th through December 15th

Hours between December 16 and December 20 call for appointment.  The Greenery will not be staffed.

Closed for the season December 20. Spring hours by appointment.

Tree Selection

Balsam trees will be available starting Saturday November 23rd
Short needle spruce buyers will need to sign a waiver if cut before December 7th, due to dry weather conditions

White pine and scotch pine are in limited quantity due to drought in recent years

There will be no tagging in the 2019 season.


We will not tag trees this year.  The only exceptions will be Ball and burlap (live) trees and Spruce trees that should not be cut until December 7 due to a limited needle retention that is characteristic of Spruce.   Any short needle customer who wants their tree cut prior to December 7 must sign a waiver stating that Four E's Trees, Inc will not be held liable for their tree if it loses its needles prior to Christmas.


LIVE TREES (Pre-dug)


Please call for current inventory,  We offer White pine, Norway spruce, Concolor fir, Canaan fir, and Colorado Blue Spruce.  Heights and prices vary with variety.  Live trees may be tagged for later pick-up.  A 25% deposit is required to hold the tree.  Dug tree prices are $17.25 per foot.


Christmas Tree Prices (all trees are priced by height) Minimum prices are listed below:


            Height             Scotch & White          Spruce/fir        Fraser Fir


Under 4 ft                   30.00                           35.00               5-6       $65.00

4 to 5ft                        40.00                           50.00               6-7 ft   $75.00

5 to 6 ft                       50.00                           60.00               7-8 ft    $80.00

6 to 7 ft                       55.00                           65.00               8-9 ft    $90.00

7 to 8 ft                       60.00                           75.00

8 to 9 ft                       70.00                           90.00

9 to 10 ft                     80.00                           100.00

10 to 11 ft                   $10.00 /ft                    $12.00/ft up to 15 ft

>15 ft $15.00/ft



Balsam fir from our Wisconsin farm will be available the weekend before Thanksgiving.


UPS wreath boxes $3.50 each.

Tree tops are $5.00 per foot up to four feet.  Tree shaking and baling are free.

Tree Stands  $32.50 Chain; $15.95 Tree drilling $2; Bundles $5.50

Easels  small 27” $2.75; med 30”  $3.50; Lrg 36”  $4.75; Xlrg   48”  $5.95

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